Here. There. After.

“HERE” is about gathering together in a unique place: Agape12, under the artistic direction of Camilla Benedini and the operational management of Zenucchi Design Code, is a catalyst for brands and companies that share a natural affinity and a vision of design for multiple spaces, based on attention to detail and fine quality. From Agapecasa, reissuer of the works of the great Angelo Mangiarotti, the quintessence of good design; to Key Cucine, linked to the lively hub of artisans in its area and one of the first companies to offer custom-designed kitchens; to Effe, designer of wellness systems integrating saunas, steam rooms and showers.

“THERE” means family origins and deep ties to the homelands near and far from Milan that unite Agape12’s partner brands, characterizing their identities in ever-changing ways. Like Agape, with its roots in Mantua, an extraordinary specimen of Renaissance architecture; and CP Parquet, from the Treviso Pre-Alps, where woodworking has a long and storied history.

“AFTER” means the future, dreams, and the message entrusted to the works on display. It means companies’ ambition to grow and evolve. Like Gypsum, moving beyond the plaster construction frames of its early days to explore indoor and outdoor decorative elements. Like Grassi Pietre, creating sustainable and ever more innovative stone surfaces. Like Antrax IT, which designs elegant and contemporary radiators made of 100% recyclable aluminum. And like @aroma, designer of olfactory architectures that bring space and fragrance together.