Mosaico+, new Agape12 partner

The Milan Design Week was the perfect setting for the presentation of a new entry among the partners of the historic Milanese showroom.

Mosaico +, a Made in Italy brand, proposes the interaction between materials: an alphabet of materials and colors with which to build design relationships. Rethinking the mosaic form, no longer in the traditional figurative terms but as an element in the construction of a pattern which amplifies the vibration of matter itself. A new approach to the very concept of coverings, overcoming the limitations of decorations and image to become a creative tool for architects and interior designers.

FuoriSalone has been the occasion to present Diamond and Jointed collections, symbols of the new brand image. Two collections that decline in infinite combinations to become a valuable tool in the hands of designers and interior designers, defining the identity of a surface and enhancing the architectural and spatial characteristics of an environment, which tell a story made up of signs and traces and make it unique.

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